Sunday, November 28, 2010


Ahh, finally a moment to update the blog!  A lot has been going on lately.  Here's the quick version of it:

Grandma came to visit for Thanksgiving (that's my mom).  
She hasn't seen Jonathan since he was barely 2 pounds!  Needless to say, she was in awe when she saw him again.  I am so glad she got to come visit.  We made our first Thanksgiving meal at our house this year.  We didn't want to take Jonathan out around the whole family for fear of him catching something, and thankfully everyone understood that.  Obviously, we have a a lot to be thankful for this year!

Jonathan's doctor appointments have been going well.  He sees a neurologist because of the brain bleeds he had.  The doctor is following him to make sure there is no brain damage.  So far, so good.  The only thing is Jonathan has what is called "high muscle tone", which means his muscles are more stiff than they should be.  We do stretches with him every day to try and correct it.  Hopefully he will get into physical therapy soon, which should help as well.  The concerning thing about this is it can be an early sign of Cerebral Palsy, which is why the neurologist is watching him as he develops.  Other than the muscle tone, though, he is doing great!  He has been reading books with me (his favorites are Oh, Baby! Go, Baby! and Ferdinand); he also recognizes our voices and loves to stare at faces!

We will be seeing the retina doctor again on Tuesday.  He noticed a couple of weeks ago that Jonathan's blood vessels in his eyes are starting to act up, so he wants to be sure they are going to remain stable and not get any worse.  And then there's the oxygen - no word on when we can get rid of that pain, but if Jonathan needs it, then he needs it!

That's about all the news there is!  We are so thankful for our baby boy being home!

In case you can't read the bib, it says "My family is thankful for me."  

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Amber Elswick said...

congrats you guys, just the begining of new family traditions!! Love the big and first thanksgiving onsie, next year your will look at those and think how in the world he ever fit into them
Amber Elswick