Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Mommy First...

A couple of posts back I mentioned all of the weirdo things I've done and experienced as a part of this mom gig.  Now there's another to add to the list, and thank God my mom was there to help!

Right after giving Jonathan a calming warm bath, I picked him up and wrapped him in his towel.  I like to cuddle with him for a couple of minutes while I warm him up, then I put his diaper on and wrap him in a new, dry towel.  Well this one day we were doing our normal after-bath routine, and I hear what no mother wants to hear when there is nothing but a thin cotton towel between herself and her naked baby's bottom.  You guessed it - poo.  I knew it as soon as I heard it, and the warmness I felt was confirmation.  This nice clean baby has pooped all over himself, his towel, and his oxygen tubing - can we say E. Coli?!  Oh, and don't let me forget to mention that Daddy was immediately by my side...to snap a photo of me holding the little bundle of poop over the kitchen sink.  Thanks, Honey.

So as I said earlier, thank God my mom was there to help, because I had a short moment of panic.  But we hosed him down in the sink, rewashed the bum, replaced the oxygen tubing, and Jonathan was none the wiser.  Except he felt much better, I'm sure.

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome and gross! Must see the pics!