Friday, January 17, 2014

Hello, again!

It's been a whiiiiiile since this blog was updated!  I thought I would resurrect it since writing is cathartic for me, and our family is on a pretty amazing journey with the Lord.  Jeff is a Church Planting Apprentice in our town, I am beginning nursing school, and we have our two amazing little boys.  

There are potentially some very exciting things on our family's horizon, and since we have so many family and friends who we don't see regularly I'd like to use this to stay up to date with you all.  

If you could, please be in prayer for our family that we would make wise decisions regarding our family, but that we would also be bold and courageous to do what we feel would honor the Lord the most (even if it's scary to us!).  

Thanks friends!  Be in touch soon!

Our family at Boktoberfest in Lake Wales.

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