Saturday, February 4, 2012

Heads or tails?

We have made it to 35 weeks pregnant!

At the beginning of this pregnancy our goal was to get to 28 weeks, and God has exceeded what we asked and hoped for!  We are so excited to meet our little man, who had a name until last night when Mommy started second-guessing it.

I weigh more than I ever have (which in this case is a good thing!).  I am incapable of taking a flattering picture at this point in pregnancy but here is the idea:

Baby is still breech (heads) so we are hoping he flips soon (tails).  I read about some techniques that supposedly help a breech baby flip, and I even tried them, but I wasn't comfortable doing them so I am just going to wait it out and see if he flips or not.  When I'm reading or watching tv my hand always wanders to feel for his head up by my ribs (where it always is), and every day that goes by it seems like he is most comfy there.  Worst case scenario, he stays breech and I have a c-section, but then I get a baby with a pretty little head instead of a cone-head! :)

So the countdown is on.  We still haven't gotten the office ready to be an office/nursery.  We actually aren't even sure the office will be the nursery.  We have an awesome swing and bassinet ready to go while we try to figure it out, though.

So head up or down, natural or c-section, one way or another this baby is coming soon!

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