Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One year ago...

I started reading over the CaringBridge site, just to remind myself of how far we've come. Here is the post I wrote on August 25th of last year...(if you don't know our story, you can see it here).


No real changes as of today. He is still in the high 30s - mid 40s on his ventilator, and they weaned another ventilator setting today - yes!! We are so happy for our little man, and we are so thankful to God for His goodness to us.

Jonathan had his first evaluation with an occupational therapist today. She evaluated his reflexes and muscle tone, among other things. She said she didn't note anything that he cannot do that a 32 week preemie should do, so more good news! She will see him 3 days a week and do stretches and exercises as needed.

The eye doctor gave us an ok concerning the most recent eye appt., so - more good news!

Jonathan had a head ultrasound today, but we haven't heard anything about it, yet. I expect we will hear tomorrow, and I expect them to say "Nothing has changed!" Even better would be "Nothing is there!"

In light of the news of J getting off the vent (possibly) it is really hard to restrain myself from decorating his nursery. I have been putting it off because things have been so unpredictable, and they still are, really. But I feel like we are getting closer to the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. I may even start registering for things for a baby shower! But even as I write this, I feel uneasy about actually doing it because of how hard it will be if it doesn't work out. But in the end, I am a glass-is-half-full kind of person, and I really do believe J is coming home. So, I will probably be shopping for furniture and all the baby stuff that comes along with having a little one (any suggestions would be nice, especially from preemie moms!)

We cannot wait to have our little hero at home with us where he belongs!!

Please continue to pray that Jonathan's lungs would keep getting stronger. They are our biggest problem right now!

Also, keep praying for protection from infection or damage to Jonathan's digestive system, brain, and eye formation.

Pray for Mommy and Daddy that as we get excited about this news we would still be grounded in God and find our joy and hope in Him, especially because this Preemie journey is such a roller coaster of high hopes and deep valleys.

It's weird (for lack of a better word) to read this from the other side of that whole situation. Jonathan was only 8 weeks old at this time, and in our wildest dreams would we ever think our little hero would be crawling around just a year later. Can't help but shake my head at the thought of God's incredible goodness to us.

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